Harpenden Golf Club, Hammonds End, Redbourn Lane, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 2AX

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The group known as the All Brans was formed in 1983 when a few friends decided to play golf during the week and not just at the weekend. Initially, this group was known as the ‘Tea & Toast Brigade’ and only became the All Brans when one of our lady members coming off the 12th green was heard to say: “You gentlemen are always here! You’re becoming so regular I’m going to call you the ‘All Brans’ ” since when the name has stuck. Play takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11.30am in the winter and 12.30pm in the summer.

At present, there are approximately 60 members and have an average turnout between 18 and 24 people. Handicaps range from 10 up to bandit, so if you fancy a game of Four Ball, Better Ball, or perhaps the occasional swindle, join us and put a ball in the bag. You’ll be made to feel very welcome.

If, later in the bar, you hear some light-hearted banter regarding your handicap, pay no attention as this will cease in a couple of years. There is also an annual get-together at the All Brans Christmas Party where the story of an occasional hole-in-one by a 28 handicapper is listened to with much gravity.